Friday, June 10, 2011

Al-Fresco Hoegaarden

What a wonderful day for my company!
We had passed the ISO audit and we got the certificate now!!
Boss, pls treat us abalone and fish!!
(yeah! I have to dream to have such things)..

The another happy things is today is FRIDAY!
how good if there is someone can treat me dinner today.

Last night i went to Al-Fresco again to meet a friend there.
And this is the very 1st time for me to try Hoegaarden Draught.
As always i drink is in bottle.
Draught are much more better than bottled.
But the worst is, the food i ordered are super bad taste.
this restaurant are quite famous in my hometown,
but many food i had tried, and it doesn't taste good as i think.
it's fine.
As allover still can covered with beer or drinks.
they have varieties of drinks like cocktail, mocktail, fruit juices, beer,...Etc.
Its enough for me.
As i just needed a place for me to chat with friends with a nice drinks!

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