Thursday, June 9, 2011

ISO Auditing Day

today is an examination day for my Company.
ISO auditors will be coming over,
for check and investigate our company,
whether we achieve the standard of quality.

Last night, i went to MCD for my boss's son birthday celebration.
Then went to Al-fresco for a drink with friends.
And i met Meng and Sccoopy there.
Was having a nice and happy chat with them for photography, for life.
Meng is a famous chef in the town, and he can be considered as my OLD friend. ^0^

And yesterday i also get informed by a group of photographers from different places,
that they have a model outing this weekend. is so happy for me.
Even i'm just a lousy beginner, but they invites me too.
Had seen the models' photo.
They are so pretty and cute.
Although not the type of model that i like, but at least i can know some pro Photo.
hehe... ^_^

He is coming today or may betomolo..
Last week I had already received the Golf Tee from him..
It is in my preferred color - white!
It is a kinda of fabric that i never had before. is because i am not active at Sport at all.
not bad feeling when i wear it on.
It have what "climacool" effect....
eh...i do not know what is that.
Just like added value for a high price, branded sport shirt, i think.
Down here is the picture which similar with mine.
Until today, Golf game are still a "luxury" game for those rich persons.
While I, it is very not suitable for me lol.., even though he is a Pro. Golf.

A bored weekend is awaiting for me.
Have no planning at all.
Feel like to go Ipoh for dim sum again..

Friend said, "how much u get, how much u will loss!"
Do you believe in it?
I believed.
Example: I got nice food, i have to pay!
Haha... :p

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