Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Hohoho... What a wonderful day for me today! ^_^
It is my birthday!!

And infinity of Thanks for my mum for delivered me to this world!
THanks Mum!! I love you so much ^^

Yesterday, were celebrated my birthday with my colleagues.
Thanks for the gifts and "surprises".
Like it so much.

And special thanks to you, who accompany me to have lunch today!
Thank you.

Am planning to go Cameron, Ipoh, or may be Kampar today.
But now is raining, so....still considering on all this.

I have no photos to upload now, since all the photo is with my friends.
So, will upload while they uploaded to facebook la..

Oh yah....received lots of wishes sms from friends..
thank you so much!! Love you all..
And thanks for the friends who posted wishes on my Facebook wall..
thank you.

Birthday is a wonderful day for me...but why?
hehe...i take off today.
i can sleep until noon, i can eat a lot..
i can to do anything..
hehe..this is life...
how goods if i hava a villa onto a big field, or may be near beach...
yah....thats my place i would like go to..

Shopping? clubbing? in the big city..?
Sorry... thats not my cup if tea!!

Taking chance to wish myself, Happy Birthday!
Wish that i may happy everyday and 欣想事成。
hehe.... ^_^

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