Monday, May 30, 2011

New Hair!

Hoho...i changed my hair style again.
But its changed back to the previous style that i had before.
hence, i would not upload any photo again...hehe^_^
Doesn't think it is very nice, but it gave me back a lot of memories.

Lou Gong will like it or not..?
But if you dun like, i also cannot do anything.
haha..its is the Final.
Hope and awaiting to see you and baby Handsome at this Thursday.
Miss you much ^0^

Heard that you had bought me the golf shirt. is quite expensive, and i am not always wearing it, dun buy next time.
Btw, thanks a lot. ^_^

Not a Golfer, but wearing Golf Tee.
Seem like quite acting lo.. :P

i had did something that i never do in my whole life.
As i not very care on who add my facebook, and who is in my facebook friend list.
Unless i dun like that person, so that i will Unfriend with him/her.
But, on saturday nite, i had removed more than 10 friends at once.
No why, just because they are his friends!

May be some of you will ask, why again..!
Yeah!! Because they are too concern on what am i doing in my Facebook!
Hate those persons who stalking me!

Friend?? no way!

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