Saturday, March 19, 2011

beautiful Saturday~

Woohoo~~ Weekend Came!
It was so amazing even i do not have any planning.

This pretty morning, my sister and I went to redeem our Free 2 Sets of Big Breakfast at Mcdonald's.
It redemptive with a coupon and a rules for minimum RM5 Purchase in Mcd.
We bought One Hot Milo and One Coffee which just cost us RM 6.50.
And we got 2 breakfast.
It is so worth-able.
Below is the Coupon, own printed version is accepted.

Last weekend, i went to Penang Island with some colleagues.
It was a sudden trip and i was no time to search and prepare for our schedule.
For that 2 days we visited Kek Lok Si, Prangin Mall, Quay Straits, and Botanical Garden.

That's sure i got nice foods in Penang.
It is a must for every trip i went to!!
I had some local foods in the hawker centre, and western food in an unknown home cuisine restaurant.
There was a nice place, and with nice food.
Unluckily it rained cats and dogs, i was no chance to capture down their environment.

Here are some photos. Do visit my Facebook for more photos.

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