Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Last night i'm attended my company annual Dinner at Angsoka Hotel.
It's so wonderful, everything goes well and in good organizing way...
All the committee members are so cooperated to make this succeed.
And all the attendants too.
Hope they enjoy night.

Today is the last day we work before CNY.
After today we will be in Holiday Mode.
Till next monday.

Nothing is special to make me happy in this two weeks.
It is because i am sick.....sick of Acute Gastritis.
It was so suffering...

But finally i feeling better today, as my Friend, Eddy Lim,
Is teaching me to drink Goat milk, but not Cow milk...
Thanks Lim.
After tried, it really feel better this two days.
I can eat chips, cookies, rice, soup, even Lamb curry also wont make me feel uncomfortable.
Thanks!!! ^_^
At least, i wont feel bored in this CNY..haha.

My room had added some new stuff.
One is Nikon D3100 which cost me RM 2K.
It will be paid by monthly to DC.
So far, it is not belongs to me unless it was fully paid.

While the another stuff is..............Sharp 32" LCD TV.
Wow....i am damn happy with this new stuff!!
As it's fully belongs to me!
This new baby is in Red color, which it cost much more a bit then black color...

Today maybe will Join 9Shoot team for outdoor Modelling Shooting Training.
I'm still not able to control my D3100...T_T
I think better i help them to capture some "Behind of Scene" photos...haha!

My darling is BACK!!! miss darling so much!
Darling will come to find me at this evening, and going to shop for new clothes!!

Besides that, I hope everyone,
Have a Wonderful and Prosperous Lunar Rabbit New Year!


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