Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SpeciAl DediCateD to You..EspeCialLy yOu @.@

Sometimes i'm wondering...
who is the person who always click into and view my blog.
There is over 100 clicks per day.
why i ask so...?
As they never left any comments, any opinion or even a foot print onto my blog site.

Those of them doesn't like to comment over here.
But, they would prefer to talk so much of Rubbish things in the real world.

Yes, I am talking about you here!
Do not turn your head left or right!!!
Is you!!
My finger is pointing at YOU!!!

Can you please keep your mouth shut and stop talking those fucking rubbish things about me!?
Do take the time you gossip, you missing, you "loving", your guessing, and your curiosity about me to take good care on your children and family!!
Because you DO NOT really know about me!!

I am so wondering how come your mouth are so "free" for those bullshit things.
If you really wanted to know more about me, I 365/7/24 welcome you to email me (
I am damn free to entertain you these a little bit too free person!!

Ooppsss...If you think my words is rude!
But i wont feel any sorry on you!!!
Because you are not WORTH to be RESPECTED by others and ME!!

Idiots ..@#$%^&*&*..

Writing so much only remember that dont know whether YOU understood english or not...

ha...ha...a little bit over today. ^_^
Its ok! May be my story is quite interesting to get your attention on me.
Should be i say thanks to you.
Thanks for "gossip-ing" me, and raised up my name attention to everybody!


Pls kindly ignore this post if you think you're not the RIGHT person.
Thanks. ^^

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