Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheddar Cheese Cake

Last Wednesday was in good mood
to bake myself a cheese cake.

Ingredients, is just some cheese slices,
cream cheese, milk, flour....etc.
That's simple as you think.
lazy person is like this lol...

OK, after finished my dinner,
and sending my mama out to the town.
I start my process for my CHEDDAR CHEESE CAKE!!
cant await for my result at that hour.

Taking 45 minutes to mix up my egg...
mix up the butter..cheese..cream cheese... the end I used up to 2 hours to prepare
for all the ingredients and mixture.
God bless me...
Feel like wanna to give up at the moments.
Was feeling scary and worrying at the time
when i put in my tray into the oven.

Wait..and wait...and wait for 50 minutes.
My cake done!!
erm....smelling good!
wait for cooling down..
cut it off and try!

Yeepi! yummy yummy....
but still have lots have to improve on the next try...
was feeling very hapy!!

Jingle Jingle Bell..Jingle all the way.. sharing some of the photo taken during my progress
By Dc Chew.

Thank you!

P/s: Feeling very happy when "he" said my cake is nice.
And he is awaiting for my next try.

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