Saturday, October 23, 2010

23th Oct 10

today I woke up late at 12oo hrs...
wat a nice and comfortable sleep since this few weeks...
no body wake me up...
my dog din bark..
no sms...
no fb...

After breakfast, was continuing on my movie..
when finished, think to change my layout of my blog. to make it?
Google search for solution and advices..

finally, think of my Danbo..
a toy which my friend, Alvin who like it so much now!
is him who introducing me who is Danbo..

So, I make Danbo be the main character for my BLOG.

3 hours passed...
My mission were DONE!!

This is my new layout with DANBO insides.

How is it?
Is it nice?
Anything which needed o be amend to make it better?
comment pls~~
Appreciate of it so much!


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