Tuesday, September 21, 2010

21th Sep

Early in the morning, i woke up...
sms nobita when i having my choc milk and bread as my breakfast..
surfing facebook as usual as i did..

tomolo is gonna be the day of Mooncake Festival.
It always come with a meaning of all the families will be gathered together in a round just like the moon on the day.

It is a meaningful day for us.
Pls think of your beloved one, and the one who loves u always.
Give them a call, if you cannot back to them tomorrow.

Was read a new this morning.
It is an accident happened on last night.
A pair of hushband and wife were passed away in the accident.
They only 19 and 17 years old.
And they left a baby girl in the world which is only 2 months +.

The photo of the accident area, makes me think of them again.
The scenery still keep deeply in my mind which i might not forget in my whole life.
Tomorrow going be an important day for us, how comes the God takes them away from their family.
How sad they are?

But what can we do?

Pls appreciate everyone around you.
Especially the one you love and the one who love u.
Pls make them happy but not let them drop tears for you.

Finally, Wishes Everyone

“家好月圆, Happy Mooncake Festival!”

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