Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~ 050910 Teluk Intan ~

Last sunday was going for a photo shooting session in Teluk Intan..
weather not bad, a little bit cloudy..
so it wont make me sweating..
but, the palace have so many big red ants..
it keeps going on climbing on my leg and body...
it is weird..

knowing of many new guys and girls...
both of them are nice and friendly too....

- DC Chew
- Pixelpro
- Jack ALvin
- Andy Teoh
- Zaza
- Angela
- Khaili
- Intanboy
- Zainor
- Azam

was long time hang out from the blog...
recently was always staying at KL..
meeting with Selene, my babe..
my uncle, Ken...
and some new friends...

Especially is Tracy Tan Chui Sim!
It was been one more year i had not met up with her.
she is pretty as before.
and nice to chat with me like when we studying.
it is so memorable.

Vacation life...
Sleep till noon..
watching TV...
for EveryDay and Nights..!

haha...its not bad..
but no point for me to live like this...
wasting time.

Will post up some pic which have it on Sunday.
Its from different photographer..

Check It out Now!!!


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