Saturday, May 8, 2010

I lost my purse...

I was lost my purse today..

yup..i felt sad is because my salary is insides...
but, what i most down is i lost the wallet.

the wallet is the 2nd things that we are using the same.
besides rings, there is only the purse which bringing the meaning you are still besides of me..

i am trying my best to get back all the things that memorable between us.
I email you to get back our photo album...and you had promised to get it back to me.
I am so Happy a that moment.

But, what had i did today?
i lost my wallet!!!!
i wan to cry...
who can i crying to...?
is me careless...
should not only focus on my job.....

what fault am i did?
I just want to keep something between us. God, pls get back me the wallet.Pls.
I beg u.

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