Thursday, May 13, 2010

13th May 2010

today were busy same as usual,
but what different is I'm sick.
making me so uncomfortable to sit inside the office.

today, everybody is so busying with their shipment.
and same as me too.

Nobita, i miss u here...
Do u know..?
but, i am so tired...
dont know how to talk with u...

there is very difficult to bluff a person before u can bluff yourself.
That means before u tell a lie, u have to tell a lie to yourself 1st.
Everyday, i am lying to myself.
I telling myself everyday, that i am tough enough to face all the things happened on me.
So, now i am able to handle the things that happened around me.
at least, i didnt bring any trouble to my family.
But friends.........must have lo...kaka^^

haiz...there is a lot of things in my mind.
but just dont know how can i write it out here.
whatever la...
thats all for today.

Hope that i can have a nice and relaxable weekend by this week.

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