Friday, August 7, 2009

Back to Teluk iNtan (talking a bit ABout Friendship~~~)

i had back to my hometown oledi...
need to make some preparation for my new job...
and facing new challenges...

Recently, have a friend make me very confusing...
is it friend need to always contact only can consider as friend...?
for me, it's NOT.
i have so much of friends that lack of communication...
but we are still friends...
when they need help, i will help.
when i need help, they will help.
Both of us wont hope to get any compensation.
because we are friends.
this only can consider as friends.

if because of some problems, You helped me b4.
ya...i feel thankful to u and i will put it in my in my heart.
but you are not, you said me only will treat you good ans find you when i need help.
if you are a true friend, u wont hope to get any compensation from them after u do a favour for them.
I very thank you that u helped me b4 and i will put it in my mind forever.

but you are talking too have no qualification to comment on me...
every ppl hav different characteristic and thinking....
sorry that i starting to put a "STOP" signsboard on you.
may be u are not the type of friends that i need.

So please, you are not the master of the world, no body will listen to you.
But if what you said is reasonable, the whole world will listen to you.
And dont just think for yourself, but think for the people that surrounding you.

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