Thursday, July 23, 2009

~ I am who I AM~

hei...long time i had not updated my blog...
many thing s were happenned...
but no time to write down here...

and following is my purpose why i am here:
1. happy belated Graduates for all my classmates and Tarcian who graduated on 11th July.
2. thanks for those who wishes me and thanks for your gifts especially you, chui sim.
3. i was quit from my job. now i am 100% free and waiting for your date.hahaha.
4. erm...may be i will continue my study in utar on jan' 10 intake.
5. hope my freshies you al can help me to find a nice house which in low rental.Haha...quite difficult task yah!!!
6. now i am finding some part time job. if you have pls recommend to me oh. juz call me. THANKS!
7. Maxis broadband better or streamyx better...?
8. ying ying, dont be so touch when reading my blog lah...i sayang sayang lah..hehe

many things wan to say and pics wan to post...
i will update my blog slowly...dont be so panic ok...?

stephy...i dont know y i cant comment on your blog...
erm....feel happy when see u and your KING been so good in KL.
study there is a good decision in your life.
hope you study well there and enjoy your life too..^_^!!!!
and help me greet pik yee oso...i miss her too...haha

"pik yee, happy graduates. and hope u study well there.hehe...."

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